Sunday, February 19, 2012

our darling mess

since i started staying at home after sophia was born, i have noticed that some women, especially moms, feel a need to be superwoman. i am still getting used to finding balance between taking care of our 2 girls and 2 dogs, the house, the laundry, the dishes and everything else but it seems that alot of people don't talk about how hard it is and the reality that life is messy. life is wonderful but messy. maybe i'm the only one but i like to have things all together...showered, makeup, hair, cute outfit, house clean, laundry and dishes done & put up, kids taken care of, dinner cooked and delicious; however this is totally unrealistic (even more so since it took 8 months for sophia to start sleeping all night). i greatly appreciate blogs like pioneer woman and momastery where they talk openly and honestly about the joys and trials of being a mommy. now don't get me wrong...i absolutely LOVE staying at home with my girls. this has been my dream since i was a child. it's just a learning curve to figure out the balance and then things will change, and i will learn again (o;

i am creating this blog so i can talk things out and grow as a wife and mom through all my experiences. i do not want to simply exist in this life. i want to live fully. i am not usually a blunt person; i like to sugarcoat things but i am going to be real on this blog and i hope that by doing so helps someone somewhere with whatever they are going through!

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